Powerful Positive Affirmations To Change Your Life

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Positive AffirmationsIn this article, you will find the most Powerful Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life, for Positive Thinking, for Success, Anxiety, and for Everyday


Affirmations are a very powerful tool when it comes to changing your life for the better. In this article, we will discuss what affirmations are and how they work. Furthermore, you will find the most powerful positive affirmations for positive thinking, for anxiety, for success, and for every day to use for free to feel better immediately.


What are Affirmations? 

According to the dictionary affirmations are “the assertion of something that exists or is true”. An even better definition of the noun “affirmation” would be “a statement that is declared to be true”.

Affirmations are a very powerful tool to change your beliefs that you have inside of your subconscious mind. We really don´t know what beliefs we all hold inside of ourselves. You maybe ask yourself sometimes why you act a certain way in certain situations or why certain things tend to happen to you in your life.

Throughout our childhood and through the experiences and the memories we all make our subconscious mind tends to save certain information and builds your beliefs inside of you and holds your character.

So, when it comes to achieving goals, having success in life, or even having a really strong belief in yourself, the subconscious mind has a great influence. It affects how happy you are, how you feel, what you do, and can even affect how successful you will become.

Affirmations are little sentences that you typically read out loud to yourself that are having an effect on your inner belief system. It is an easy way of influencing yourself and talking to yourself in a positive way to change a certain behavior.

You can come up with your own affirmations or you can use the powerful positive affirmations that you will find in this article to immediately feel better.


Affirmation Worksheet

Are you struggling with coming up with your own Powerful Affirmations?

Use this free Daily Affirmations Worksheet to help to figure out what works best for you!

It is a fillable PDF. This way you can use it on any device you like or print it out for later reference.



How do Affirmations work? 

Your mind and your brain are very powerful tools. Nobody really knows how much potential a human mind has, but it is surely very great. When you read your affirmations to yourself, you will hear statements declared to be true – as mentioned above.

Your brain and therefore your mind can not tell the difference whether these statements are true or not. When you repeatedly read those sentences to yourself then your mind will start to believe them. You will notice a change in behavior after some time practicing.


So, here is how to use affirmations the best way possible:

  1. Choose your positive affirmations or come up with your own affirmations that feel best to you.
  2. In the beginning choose a maximum of 3-5 affirmations to use, don´t overwhelm yourself in the beginning. You can change them up or do more if you like later on.
  3. If you can, read them out loud and slowly to you. Make sure that you are alone. You can also just repeat them in your mind and really concentrate on the affirmation.
  4. You could also do a little meditation to relax your mind and then afterward do your affirmation.
  5. It’s best to make it a habit to repeat your affirmations at least once a day. Three times a day would be ideal.
  6. You can write your favorite affirmations into a daily journal and remind yourself about them even more.


Why are Affirmations so powerful? 

Affirmations are a very effective and powerful way to change negative thinking into positive thinking. They are so powerful because they help with stress, anxiety and can even help with depression.

You can read my article about the physical and mental health benefits of positive thinking right here. 

With affirmations, you have control over which information you can put into your mind and really change your beliefs. You can even come up with your affirmations if you need sentences for a specific situation.

By practicing affirmations on a daily basis you will improve your happiness and your life instantly. You will believe in yourself more and realize how capable you truly are.

There is really nothing that you can not achieve, do or become.

You have to understand, that it is your natural state of being to be happy and live a healthy and long life.

Now, let´s get into the most powerful positive affirmations that you can use:


Powerful Positive Affirmations for positive thinking

  1. I am a positive thinking person
  2. No matter what the situation is, I can only see the good in every way
  3. I laugh often
  4. I am full of positive and loving energy
  5. Other people enjoy being around me
  6. I deserve positivity and positive people are always around me
  7. My experience is positive
  8. I am positive and full of love
  9. It is easy to love me
  10. Only good things are happening in my life
  11. My life happens for me
  12. I am full of joy and happiness

Powerful Positive Affirmations for anxiety

  1. I am calm
  2. I am powerful and strong
  3. I am brave
  4. I know my worth, where I stand, and what I have to do
  5. I deserve everything in my life and my wishes come true easily
  6. I am always able to appear in a very confident manner
  7. I know what I have to do to feel better
  8. It is easy for me to set boundaries

Powerful Positive Affirmations for success

  1. I am motivated and productive
  2. I have enough time
  3. Everything I have to do flows easily to me
  4. I can accomplish anything that I want and that I need to do
  5. I deserve to be successful
  6. Leadership comes easily to me
  7. I feel wide awake and my brain works very effectively
  8. Success and abundance comes easily to me
  9. Everything that I give my attention to becomes something grate
  10. I can do, be or become everything that I want and focus on

Powerful Positive Affirmations for everyday

  1. I am enough
  2. I am full of joy, excited, and grateful every day
  3. I know my worth and my desires
  4. Life has so much to offer for me
  5. Happiness, love, and joy comes easily to me
  6. I am fulfilled, happy, and very grateful
  7. I deserve abundance and happiness in my life
  8. I enjoy every day of my life



Powerful Positive AffirmationsAffirmations are very powerful statements that you can use every day to achieve success, feel better, accomplish more things, and be happier. You can easily come up with your own powerful affirmations or you can use the affirmations in this article for free.

Do your affirmations every day by reading them out loud to yourself. You should read and understand them very slowly. You can also write them down in your journal or your calendar to be reminded of your affirmations every day.





Come up with your own Powerful Positive Affirmations with this free Daily Affirmations Worksheet

Affirmation Worksheet

Get this free Daily Affirmations Worksheet to figure out which affirmations work best for you!

It´s a fillable PDF. This way you can use it on your device or print it out as much as you want.



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