How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

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How LOA WorksHave you ever wondered how the law of attraction works? If it really works and if it`s even real? 


The law of attraction: Yes, it’s real! 


Learn how to understand the Law of Attraction, and how you can use the law of attraction in your favor. Find out why you should keep a Law of Attraction Journal in this article. 


How does the law of attraction work? 


Everything vibrates. Everything you can see, and everything you can’t see. That’s a fact. 


This means that thoughts are vibrating too. The law of attraction says like attracts like. 


The idea is by thinking about something that you want you are attracting it into your reality. 


The thoughts from the past are your reality right now. 


The law of attraction always works. Whether you believe in it, or not. 

Whether you think about it, or not. 


It works while you sleep, and it works while you are awake. So your subconscious mind is always creating your reality. 


That’s why there is work involved if you want to deliberately attract something into your life. And that is the reason why some people are skeptical about it. They are not seeing results right away, or they attract the wrong things. 


Have you ever wondered why successful people attracting even more success? Why some people tend to always be lucky? 


They attract this into their lives. It may be deliberately, maybe not. But that’s the law. 


It can take a little while to fully understand the law of attraction. The easiest way is to try it yourself and attract something you want on purpose. 


This can be something small, like a cup of coffee or a parking spot. Just try it, you will be very surprised. 


What you want to do is first keep your vibration high. This means simply be joyful, be happy, and think positive. This way you attract more positive things into your life automatically. 


Second, you think: wouldn’t it be nice, if… and you go on with what you want to manifest. 


For example, let’s say you want to manifest a parking spot. You go: wouldn’t it be nice, if there was a parking spot right in front of my house. 


You can do this all day long and just manifest away. Now, this will not work all the time and with everything, of course, there are other laws of the universe involved in manifesting as well. 


But you will notice, that the number of available parking spots for you will most likely increase. 


Why is it easier to manifest little things? 


For the law of attraction, it makes no difference, if you are asking for a cup of coffee or one million bucks. It always works, that’s the law. 


The only difference is your asking and your vibration. 


Deep down within your subconscious mind, there are most likely limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that other people or experiences have taught us. 


For example, your parents have told you that money is “not growing on trees”, that you have “to work hard” to be successful. These are all limiting beliefs. 


So, when you are asking for money your limiting beliefs come into play and vibrate on another frequency. This means that you will feel as if it’s not easy to manifest money. 


And that’s right there what you will attract. That money is “not growing on trees”. Because the law of attraction always works. 


Whether you believe in it or not. Whether you think about it, or not. 


So it’s easier for you to manifest small things because the resistance that you have within you is very low. You simply believe that it is very possible to get a cup of coffee or find a parking spot eventually. 


Keep a Manifestation Journal

Dream life Manifestation Journal

Need help with your manifestation practice? Check out this digital Manifestation Journal.


It helps to get rid of your limiting beliefs and to use the law of attraction in your favor correctly. 






How do you use the law of attraction in your favor?


You want to make sure to actively use the law of attraction in your favor and keep your vibration high. This is a very important step. 


Remember to stay positive and work on your attitude. You can only experience positive things and attract everything you desire into your life by being joyful too.  


Figure out what you want


A huge problem for many people is not knowing what they want. This is a very important step because you need to know exactly what you want to ask for in order for the law of attraction to work. 


You might want to say: ok, that’s easy I just want a new car. 


But that is not what this means. It’s ok to want a new car. In the western-oriented culture we live in, people are very materialistic. Money is very important in our culture. 


But, you want to think about what you truly desire. 


Here are some questions that will help you figure this out: 


  1. Are you happy? 
  2. Are you satisfied with your career? 
  3. Are you happy with your friends, your family, your relationships? 
  4. How do you want to feel? 
  5. What do you want to do? 
  6. Where do you want to go, travel? 
  7. What do you want to see and with whom? 
  8. Describe your perfect day


After answering all these questions you can find out what you want to ask for. Do you still want a new car? Maybe, but there are other things that you want to look at as well. 


So, what do you want? Write down your goals. 


Act as if: feel it


To get into the right frequency you want to act as if you would have already manifested your goals. 


This helps with a stronger asking. How would it feel if you had what you desire? How would this be? What would you do? 


Journaling: get rid of limiting beliefs


Journaling helps you to find and get rid of limiting beliefs. Many of those beliefs are subconsciously in your mind. You don’t even know why and even if they are there. 


So, you use journaling by simply writing down what comes into your mind. When you practice this on a regular basis, you will notice, that you will feel better. 


You can clear your mind from your worries and sometimes you will identify your limiting beliefs. 


Ask: Scripting, Visualizing


The next step is to ask. For the law of attraction to work and to manifest your desire, you need to ask for it. 


So you are clear of what you want, you are working on your limiting beliefs and you can already feel it. 


Scripting and visualization are very effective techniques to help with your asking. This combines to act as if as well. 


So, with scripting, you simply write down: I’m grateful, now that I… and you go on and describe your perfect day, your desire, or whatever you want to manifest. 


You can go all out here and describe everything in detail. There are no limits, be creative with this. 


With visualization, you sit down and imagine your desire. You can do this while meditating or after your meditation when you feel super relaxed.


You can also go out for a walk to visualize as well.  


how does loa workThe law of attraction needs action


The last step is waiting. Although the law of attraction needs action, too. 


What this means is, that you should look for opportunities, or thoughts that the law of attraction is providing to you. 


For example, let’s say you want to manifest a new job. So, you did all the steps necessary for the law of attraction to work. 


You also did the asking and imagined or scripted how it would feel to have a new job. You described in every detail what you would do, how your new colleagues would be, etc. 


However, let’s be real here: there won’t be a new job the next morning like a miracle. This is not how this is working at all. 


But, there could be a call, an invitation to an interview. Or a friend who is telling you that the company you always wanted to work for is hiring right now. 


So, the law of attraction needs action. Meaning that you will get the opportunities or the ideas provided from it, but you also need to act on it as well and actually go to the interview to get the job.


Higher your vibration: think positive, be grateful


While you wait for your manifestation it is important to feel good and think positive. Be happy and joyful. Don’t wait for anything to be happy. 


Remember, you have everything that you need to be happy right now!


By having a positive mindset you higher your vibration. This way you attract even more joy and happiness into your life. 


So, you never know what is going to happen and when it’s going to happen anything that you asked for. Some things might not even manifest the way you thought or wanted them to. 


There are other laws in manifesting involved as well, and it’s also not possible to always be joyful and happy. There are times in life when you have other emotions. This is something we can’t control all the time. 


And even when we are asleep, the law of attraction works all the time. We can’t control our thoughts and dreams while we are asleep. 


What we can do is to remember to work on ourselves on keeping a positive mindset. The best way to do that is first to make that choice. Second to be grateful for all that you have. 


The feeling of being grateful is the best feeling in the world. When you are grateful you have no other choice than to feel good. So, be grateful and count your blessings.


You could also keep a gratitude journal and make it a habit to be grateful for at least three things every day. 


Be careful about what you are asking for


The law of attraction works every time, and sometimes in very strange ways. There is always a price for everything that you do, and desire. 


Sometimes it takes many years for something to manifest. Sometimes we even forget about what we have asked for, and then it manifests. 


When you keep a journal, you can always come back at it and remember what you once wrote. 


Dream life Manifestation JournalSo, you can grab a manifestation journal here. It’s very easy to use and super convenient for your daily manifestation practice. 


Be prepared, the law of attraction is always working and the manifestation can happen in unexpected ways. 


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