How To Be More Confident At Work

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more confident at workIn this article, you’ll learn how to be more confident at work, and how to rebuild confidence at work after failure. Especially when your job has destroyed your confidence.


The workplace can be a very intimidating place. It is a place where you are not loved and accepted no matter what. It is a place where you have to show a good performance, where you have to be competitive all the time.  


You can easily get in the middle of a power struggle, and you certainly can’t afford any failure. 


The pressure at work seems to be at the highest that it has ever been. The employers are seen as resources. They cost money. And they have to function. 


It can be very hard to be successful and to prevail all the time. So, it is important to take a step back from time to time and evaluate your situation, if necessary. 


When you lose confidence at work


When you start a new job, you might be very motivated, full of plans, and excited. But after a while at your new job you realize that nobody cares and nobody waited for you. 


You have to earn respect and prove yourself first through hard work. That’s the truth. 


So, there are going to be ups and downs. It just depends on how you are dealing with both. 


It can certainly very easy to lose confidence, especially when there are -sadly- other people, who don’t want you to succeed.  


Losing your confidence at work can be a good thing after all. Because when you had it in the past, this means that it’s there.


However, building your confidence at work from scratch is very possible, although it will be a little harder.  Several very effective techniques can help you with that. 


Tips on how to be more confident at work


The following tips can apply to your workplace, they can also help with confidence overall. If you lack confidence at work, chances are that you should look for ways to improve your confidence in general. 


First of all: It’s not your fault. 


Building and establishing human confidence is a very complicated thing. And it depends on your personality, the experiences you make, the environment you live in, and so much more. 


It’s also normal that the level of confidence in your life fluctuates. Especially after experiencing failure. 


So, the workplace can be a very “naked” place, where failure can cause a loss of confidence at all. 

Check out the following tips on how to be more confident at work, to get out of this rut as quickly as possible.


Stop and learn your lesson: be grateful


When you made a mistake, you should reflect on your mistake and think about what went wrong and what caused this failure.


Be honest with yourself. And don’t look for excuses. Take responsibility. 


How did the mistake come up? Where you stressed out? Did you miss something? Did someone give you the wrong information? 


At the same time, you should be grateful. This is an opportunity for you to grow and learn. 


If we don’t make any mistakes, we can’t learn anything from them. 

Nothing and nobody will ever be perfect.  


So stop and learn your lesson from this and don’t forget to be grateful.


Remember why you are here: your past successes 


When you lose confidence at work, especially after a failure, it helps to look back at your past successes. Remember why you are there. Why you get this job. 


Do you have a degree? Did you work your way up? All this takes time, consistency, and you should be very smart. So, there are many skills that you have. 


Count your past successes.  


Don’t confuse your work performance with your worth


The work that you do at your workplace is surely very unique and important for your company. They wouldn’t pay you money if this wasn’t the case. 


While your work is only a performance, don’t confuse this with your worth. These are two separate things and they have nothing to do with each other. 


It’s very easy to confuse those. Especially because your work is your responsibility. If something goes wrong, you naturally blame yourself and start to doubt your abilities.  


If your boss, your colleagues, or other people also are saying things to you, it can be very easy to get caught up in this. 


Remember: It doesn’t matter what other people might think or might tell you. The only thing that matters is what you think!  If you are personally happy with your life, work, with everything, then that’s ok. 


You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. 


So, don’t confuse your work performance with your worth. This has nothing to do with one another.   


Develop a strategy to avoid this mistake in the future


When you took the first tip seriously, then you should already know what happened, why, and how. This is also very important to make sure that this mistake is not happening again in the future. 


Because you want to learn from your mistakes. 


Do you have to do something to avoid this failure? Can you make some arrangements in advance? 


Then be proactive and develop a strategy to avoid this mistake from occurring again in the future.


Stop overthinking it: What’s the worst thing that could happen


The next step is to let go. Overthinking it or any other situation at your job is what rattles your confidence even more. Being unsure is what causes more mistakes. 


So leave your mistakes where they belong, in the past. 


You can imagine what would the worst thing that could happen to be? That you lose your job? 


Yes, of course. Is this the end of the world? No. 


You look for a new job and you get a fresh start. Think positive. 


So, nothing can happen to you after all. 


Take care of yourself: write a self-care journal


Take a break. pause. and take care of yourself. 


Writing a self-care journal can help you with that. 


It helps to get your problems “out” by writing them down. 


Make sure that nobody can read your journal. This way you can go all out and hold nothing back. Just write what comes to mind. 


It’s very beneficial to write a journal and even make it a habit. You could write into your journal every night before going to bed or doing it as part of your morning routine.


A notebook or a pen will do. You can also use your computer or even your phone. 


There are several very good self-care journals to buy and they are very affordable. This helps you with prompts and nice ideas so that you always know what to write about. 


Some journals even have little challenges or exercises for you to implement. This makes taking care of yourself even more fun. 


Focus on the solution, not the problem


Whatever happened, should not be happening again. To prevent this, you’ve already made up a strategy for this. You already made some arrangements. 


So, depending on what it was, you might want to think about the solution. Can you mend the mistake, or do something that would make it better? 


Many people always tend to look for the person who did wrong, who caused the error. But this is not the right approach. 


It is always best to focus on the solution and on preventing it from happening again. 


When your job destroys your confidence


When you realize that your job destroys your confidence, is causing too much stress, and prevents you from sleeping well. 


You can always think about leaving and changing your situation for the better. It’s so not worth it if you only suffer.


A job is never worth it. Remember, at your job you can easily be replaced in a minute. Your company will just hire someone else. 


But your health, and confidence are more important than anything else. 


Strategies Managing Stress at WorkYou might want to read: 7 Best Strategies For Managing Stress at Work – if you need a little pep-talk about your priorities. 


Maybe the job that you do is not the right fit. Maybe something else is waiting for you out there, that would be a better opportunity. 


When your job destroys your confidence: leave. 


Don’t give up


After all, losing your confidence at work especially after failure can happen to all of us. 


The important thing is, to never give up. See this as an opportunity to learn and grow, to evolve.


Even the most successful and richest people in the world have had hard times and even made mistakes. It’s just part of the process. 


It doesn’t matter how many times you made a mistake. It’s the times you continued and didn’t give up that count. 


So, don’t give up. There is always a way.




rebuild confidence after failureThe workplace can be a very hard and competitive place. While you are grateful for your job. It can be intimidating, too. 


Your work performance has to be just on point. And this is what counts most. There shouldn’t be any mistakes nor is there any room for failure. 


So, losing confidence at work can happen to all of us. It’s important to be aware of this and do something about it as early as possible. 


There are several very effective techniques that you can use. Such as writing a journal, implementing a strategy to prevent this from happening again, forgive yourself, and work on a solution. 


However, if this happens all the time and your job is causing you more sleepless nights and headaches than pleasure and recognition, it certainly is time to move on and look for something else. 


You don’t want to find yourself having to build up your confidence again. But if you do, it certainly can be done. The important part of it all is to never give up. 


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