How to Attract Love From a Specific Person – 5 Simple Steps

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how to attract love from a specific personDo you want to know how to attract love from a specific person? Make sure to read this article until the end to learn how to do just that – in 5 simple steps. 

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How Do You Manifest a Specific Person to Fall in Love With You?

So, you want to attract love from a specific person with the law of attraction. 

Great, you are in the right place. 

Manifestation and the law of attraction are amazing ways to do so. Because here is the deal: it all starts with you. 

It starts with how you feel, how you take care of yourself- before you start taking care of others.

You want to be ready when your love shows up in your life. You want to manifest new opportunities, chances, and meet your soulmate. 

You want to manifest someone to like you back, or you want to manifest someone to think about you. Does it sound like you already have someone in mind? 


Let’s start with some basic understanding of the law of attraction and how this all works. 

How Does The Law of Attraction Work to Attract Love From a Specific Person

The Law of Attraction says like attracts like. This means, if you start to watch your thoughts, and make sure that they are mostly positive, then the law of attraction will bring up even more positivity into your reality. 

The same goes for love from a specific person. 

There are several manifestation techniques that can help you tremendously with your thoughts, and your feelings to make the law of attraction help you. This will bring up opportunities for your specific person to fall in love with you. 

Just try the following 5 simple steps to attract a specific person to fall in love with you out for the next 30 days and see what happens. 

Even if your specific person has not yet found their way into your life, there will be much more love, happiness that will show up in your life.  

How Can I Attract The Person I Love? 

Here are the 5 simple steps that you can do -starting today- to attract love from a specific person with the law of attraction.

Step 1: Make Self-Care a Habit

The first step on how to attract love from a specific person is to love yourself and to be kind to yourself first. 

You need to take care of yourself and be in good shape before you can take care of others. Otherwise, you won’t have much love left to give to someone else.

The universe knows this and provides your desires, as far as you can handle it. 

Also, love is a very powerful energy. There is nothing greater than love after all. So in order to attract love from a specific person into your life, you have to keep your vibration as high as it can possibly be. 

You need your vibration to attract love from a specific person. One great way to do so is to make self-care a habit. 

Do self-care on a regular basis. Here are some unique ideas what you could do: 

  • Do a 10 minute morning yoga session every morning. This way you start your day full of fresh energy and you have already done something for yourself.
  • Listen to an audiobook. There are great love books that you could listen to while relaxing, or if you have not so much time, while you do something else. 

Great love books are: 

You Only Fall in Love Three Times by Kate Rose

Higher Love – Everything You Need to Manifest More Love into Your Life by Jordanna Levin

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Step 2: Do Your Affirmations

Affirmations to get ex backAffirmations are powerful statements that can have a great impact on your conscious, as well as your subconscious mind.

These positive statements can influence your subconscious mind by reprogramming it depending on what kind of affirmations you are doing. This is exactly what you want to do while manifesting. 

Do your affirmations on a regular basis, by reading them out loud or repeating them in your mind as often as possible. 

You could also print them out and stick them on your fridge or decorate your manifestation journal with them. This way you make sure to read and be reminded of them several times a day.

With the repeatedly positive statements, you will notice that things, meaning circumstances and opportunities will come up. That’s the law of attraction in action!

Here are +40 Powerful Love Affirmations that you could download for free to start manifesting love from a specific person today. 

Step 3: Be Confident

Confidence is so important when it comes to attracting love in general. 

There is only one person in this world whose thoughts about you are the most important. 

And that is you. 

It only matters what you think about yourself. You can not please others all the time. 

You have to live your life, no one else does, and no one else can. 

This is something that many people tend to forget. So take a step back and reflect on your life, what you want to do and why you are here is so important from time to time. 

You could write this down and make an entry into your manifestation journal about these questions. 

Here is a great manifestation journal that you could grab right here on Amazon to start manifesting today. 

Step 4: Visualize The Person You Want to Attract

Now, you know everything you need to know to higher your vibration and to be prepared to manifest love from a specific person. 

Let’s dive right into one very powerful manifestation technique: Visualization.

You can do this anytime, anywhere and this absolutely works with attracting almost anything. 

Here’s how to do it: 

-Close your eyes and/or take a comfortable position. 

-You can do a little meditation over this in the morning or right before going to bed. 

-Imagine yourself being together with this specific person whose love you want to attract. 

-You could visualize yourself on a date with this person, or talking to that person.

-It’s important to feel the love, embrace it, be happy, and be as specific and detailed as possible. 

You can do this for 5-10 minutes and then let go. 

Step 5: Let Go of The Past 

You want to make sure that there are no hidden obstacles that are getting in the way of your manifestation. 

Limiting beliefs are negative statements within your subconscious mind that can hinder your manifestation. Those beliefs might be the reason why manifesting didn’t work out for you so far. 

However, it is important to let go of the past – even if this means forgetting about old relationships. 

You should give love a new chance. A new partner has nothing to do with old things that might have happened in the past. 

Also, make sure that those feelings are not getting mixed up with you trying to manifest love from a specific person.

Remember, the vibrations that you send out into the universe will come back to you through manifestation. 

A great way to let go is to actively decide to do so, or if this is not working and your thoughts from the past are still keep coming up then consider doing some shadow work.

That’s how the law of attraction works!


how to manifest love from a specific personAttracting love from a specific person is very possible and starts with you. It depends on what you think about yourself and how you are trying to manifest that love from this specific person.

From self-care to affirmations, working on your confidence and visualization. There are plenty of things that you can do to manifest the love of your life. 

Hopefully, this post was helpful for you. Here are your +40 Powerful Love Affirmations that you can download to start manifesting love from a specific person today. 

And here is the link for the free audible trial.

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