How to Manifest a Text Message – 5 Simple Steps

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How to Manifest a Text MessageDo you want to know how to manifest a text message with the law of attraction? Then make sure to read this post until the end to find out about the 5 simple steps to do just that!

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Now, you are prepped and ready to learn how to manifest a text message. Let’s get started!

Can You Manifest a Conversation?

Yes, you can absolutely manifest a conversation. 

You can – in fact – manifest anything that you want. So, manifesting a whole conversation is no exception. Your own mind is the only thing that is stopping you from manifesting anything that you desire, including manifesting a text message. 

However, you can prepare yourself for a conversation that might come up. Even if the conversation is not happening the way you want it to. It’s absolutely much better to be prepared, right? 

So, here is a great exercise on how you can manifest a conversation:

Visualize yourself and the specific person having that conversation that you want to manifest. What would you say to open the conversation? What would the other person answer? 

It is important that you visualize the conversation in the best way for you possible. This way you make sure to not manifest something you don’t want. 

You can also write the conversation down into your Manifestation Journal: 

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How Long Does it Take to Manifest a Specific Person?

Manifestation in general has no rules when it comes to time frames. You can, however, try to manifest a specific date, as well. 

This doesn’t mean that the desires will come within that time frame. It may take longer because there are maybe some other circumstances that would have to manifest first. 

Sometimes the manifestation is not meant for you right now, sometimes it comes in another time frame than you would expect it. 

So as always, be open and ready to receive what the law of attraction and the universe offers you. 

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How Do You Know if Someone is Manifesting You to Text Them? 

Do you sometimes suddenly think about someone? Or do you suddenly remember something funny that happened with a specific person? 

In other words – do you sometimes miss someone? 

Then maybe that person is manifesting you to text them. You remember something or think about someone, you grab your phone and start to text them. 

That’s how manifestation works!

The reason is, you and other people are constantly manifesting. Some people are doing it consciously and others do it subconsciously. 

So, next time you start to think about someone – go ahead and send them a sweet text message.

How to Manifest a Text Message?

Now you know everything about how manifesting a conversation works, and how to know if someone is manifesting you to text them.

Let’s get into the 5 simple steps on how to manifest a text message.

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Be Clear About What You Want to Manifest

First things first. You want to be crystal clear about what you want to manifest. 

No negative energy around here. You need to know what to manifest, in order for the law of attraction to work. 

The more specific you are the better. The law of attraction will bring up the circumstances and opportunities that you need, to manifest your desires. 

You can write down what you want and make a manifestation list, for example. 

You could write down a list into your Manifestation Journal about what you want to manifest. It’s always possible to go back and add to the list more things that you might come up with.

Or check the things off that have already manifested. 

So, if you want to manifest a text message then go ahead and add this to your manifestation list. 

Visualize Your Specific Person to Text You

Next is one of the most powerful manifestation methods – even for beginners, visualization. 

To do so, you take a comfortable position, sit or lay down. Make sure, to not get disturbed by anything. 

Imagine your specific person to text you. The more detailed you could imagine this the better. 

Also, visualize what the text message would say. What would the specific person feel? How do you feel? 

Please note: some people don’t like visualization. If that’s the case for you, then there is a possibility that this won’t work for you. 

Instead, you could pull out your Manifestation Journal and write this entire process down. 

Just keep trying out what works best for you, and what resonates most with you. 

Visualize Yourself Receiving the Text Message

Nex step is to visualize yourself receiving the text message. 

Now, your feelings are important here. Imagine yourself receiving this desired text message. How do you feel when you read the text? How do you react? 

What’s your answer?

Journal Prompts to Help You Manifest a Text Message

Here is some journal prompts to help you manifest a text message. You can answer them in your mind, or you could write the answers down into your manifestation journal. 

  1. Who’s the person that is writing you this desired text message? Describe this person.
  2. Write down the exact text message that you want to manifest. 
  3. Write down the exact answer that you would text back, after receiving this desired message.
  4. Describe the outcome. Imagine that you would have received this text message. What would change for you? What would you do? How would you feel? 

Be Open and Ready to Receive

Now, the last step is the best, and maybe also the hardest one.

As always, let go of the desire that you want. Simply forget about it- if possible. 

After asking the universe to manifest your desire, you want to make sure that no negative feelings will get mixed up with your manifestation. You need to let the law of attraction work for you. 

By letting go of the desire, you make sure that no doubts or other negative thoughts will come up. 

Just give the universe a chance to work for you. Concentrate on mostly positive thoughts- if possible. Your natural state of being is and will be always happiness, joy, and gratitude.   

Remember, it is your birthright to be happy. 

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Manifest a Text Message With Law of ATtractionThat’s it, now you know everything about how to manifest a text message. But remember, even if your manifestation will not come right away, maybe something else is meant for you.

The universe, god, whatever you want to call it, has your back. We always think we know what’s best for us, but we don’t. 

However, with the 5 simple steps in this article, you have learned how to manifest a text message. By following these steps you have done everything that you can do to start the manifestation. 

Step 1: Be Clear About What You Want to Manifest

Step 2: Visualize Your Specific Person to Text You

Step 3: Visualize Yourself Receiving This Desired Text Message

Step 4: Journal Prompts That Help You Manifest a Text Message

Step 5: Be Open and Ready to Receive

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