Top 10 Common Obstacles of Manifestation

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10 common manifestation obstaclesAre you wondering why you have a hard time manifesting? There are 10 Common Manifestation Obstacles that maybe block your manifestation from happening.

In this article, we’ll look at the top common law of attraction blocks and manifestation obstacles. Make sure to read this post until the end because we are also looking at how to overcome them so we can live our best lives possible!

What are the 10 common blocks of manifestation?

When you think about what it means to manifest something, you probably imagine that the process is easy and straightforward. How hard could it be to just put your intention out into the world? It seems like a no-brainer!

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that can get in the way of manifesting what we want. We can think about obstacles to manifestation in terms of energetic blocks or obstacles, which are the reasons why you cannot get what you want.

On one hand, obstacles can be signs that your manifestation is on its way to you.

On the other hand, obstacles are simply things that prevent your manifestation from happening because they block it for some reason.

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So, let’s have a look at the top 10 common manifestation obstacles and how to overcome them.

You are having limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs deep down in your subconscious mind. They are formed through character and experiences – mostly during childhood.

They influence how you feel, what you think, even how you talk to yourself. When you have limiting beliefs then they are much likely to work constantly against your manifestation.

Because manifestation starts with believing, and when you don’t believe that you are worthy of abundance, confidence, success, etc. then there are not going to be any manifestations.

Beliefs are the foundation of your reality, so it’s important to eliminate beliefs that hold you back from receiving anything you want.

You are not committed

Are you very undecided about whether or not something will happen? If so, then chances are it won’t!

Commitment is about being all-in. When you are committed to something, then there’s no room for doubt.

If you are not fully committed or not sure if something will happen, then your subconscious mind won’t be too concerned about it either.

Manifestation happens with focus and the strong belief- no let’s rephrase that – the knowledge that a desire is going to actually happen.

So decide what you want and commit!

You are manifesting obstacles

There are obstacles that prevent you from manifesting anything.

Obstacles are things like negative habits, distractions, etc.

They make it much more likely to turn your attention elsewhere.

Especially when you keep putting off creating what you want in the first place!

If you want something then don’t put obstacles in front of yourself by forgetting about it, not having enough time to do it, etc.

Remember, like attracts like, so by focusing on your obstacles and worrying too much about your distraction, chances are, that you will attract even more obstacles.

Pro Tip: Read this article until the end, and start to focus on the tips down below on how to overcome these obstacles for manifestation.

You are afraid that you will lose what you want

This is another huge obstacle for manifestation.

If you are afraid of losing what you want, then the universe will pick up on that and manifest obstacles to your wish as well.

That’s how it works!

The universe is giving you exactly what you think about most of the time, so if you think that obstacles will come between you and your manifestation then obstacles will happen.

You are focusing on what you don’t want rather than what you do want

When you focus too much on what you don’t want, then that’s exactly what will happen.

For example: “I don’t want to feel sad and depressed anymore” – now how much time do you focus on feelings like sadness and depression?

Way too much, right? Instead, focus on what you do want.

For example: “I choose to be happy and joyful now.”

That sounds much better. Try to focus on the good things in your life, be grateful, and always choose happiness.

You are worried about the “how”

So most people do their manifestation practice, and after that, they worry too much about how the universe will deliver this desire to them.

For example, let’s say you want to manifest money. Then you would ask for the amount of money you want. Instead of trying to listen to the signs that the universe will provide now in order for you to take inspired action, you would focus too much on the how.

You would imagine how the amount of money would come into your reality. This means that you would automatically start to worry. And worry is a feeling that you do not want to think of when you want to attract money, right?

Instead, focus on what you want, don’t worry about the how, listen to the signs, and take inspired action if needed.

You are trying too hard

When you are trying too hard with the law of attraction then obstacles can also arise very quickly.

Remember, trying too hard will arise feelings of anger, frustration, and feelings of being not there yet, and lack.

These are also feelings that you don’t want to be with you when you are trying to manifest something.

You should actively try to focus on good feelings, like happiness, joy, gratitude, and so on.

You are not vibrating

To vibrate means to actively seek positive emotions, and being in a good mood as often as possible.

This comes down to the law of vibration. It says that everything vibrates. Everything that you can see, and everything that you can think of. This means that your feelings are vibrating too.

So, when you want to manifest something, then you have to focus on sending out a higher, and automatically more positive vibration. Because the universe will deliver to you even more of what you send out to it.

And it will listen to you and your asking, even more, when you have a high vibration.

You are living in the past

We all know that feeling when we have a minute for ourselves sometimes memories from the past tend to come back, and we remember certain things.

This is a very common obstacle for manifestation because it can distract you from feeling good and being in the present.

Keep living in your imagination of what your life could be, and not what it used to be.

If needed, take time out for yourself, relax, meditate, exercise, do yoga… But always stay in the present.

You don’t have faith

Remember, the law of attraction is real.

It exists.

Now, you might say that you understand the process of manifestation very well, but then obstacles will still come up when you want to manifest something.

And this is because many limiting beliefs are still there.

And these limiting beliefs are mostly based on the past. Yes, you might have had some positive experiences with manifestation already, but could there still be a tiny little voice inside of you that is doubting the law of attraction?

If so, let go of it. Trust the universe and that the laws of the universe are there to serve you. Life happens for you and not to you.

These thoughts are not serving you anymore whatsoever. Meditate over them and imagine as if you would let them leave.

How to overcome your obstacles of manifestation?

So, now you know what the common top 10 obstacles of manifestation and law of attraction blocks are that most people face when it comes to manifesting.

Let’s not focus too much on them, instead, let’s look into how to overcome these obstacles for easier manifestation.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to get yourself back on track next time when an obstacle comes up.

Do your Affirmations

Affirmations are small sentences that contain positive statements.

Sometimes you need to be reminded of them, even if these are things you think already know.

They can help with a positive mindset, self-confidence, manifestation, achieving your goals, and much more.

Especially when it comes to limiting beliefs affirmations can help very much with reprogramming your subconscious mind.

The trick lies within the repetition. You should do your affirmations on a regular basis and repeat them again and again.

This means reading them at least once a day. Several times a day would be even better. A trick is to keep your affirmations where you can see them as often as possible.

printable Affirmation CardsAffirmation cards are very handy for this. You could decorate your planner with them, keep them in your purse or put your favorite affirmations on your fridge.

You can grab your printable affirmation cards right here on Etsy, they are very affordable as well.

This set even contains a blank template for affirmation cards.

This way you can create your own affirmation cards that might resonate with you better.


If you are interested and need a little help with coming up with your own affirmations, then this affirmations worksheet helps with that, and it’s totally free.


Journaling is a great way “to talk to someone” in a way. With journaling, you just grab your favorite notebook and simply write down what comes to mind.

It can be something that happened today or something you want to manifest.

You can also use journaling for a gratitude practice. But whatever it is you are grateful for, your obstacles, your desires… Just write them down.

This will help you to stay present and motivated with what you want to achieve in the long run.

printable manifestation journalYou can grab a printable manifestation journal that helps you with all of that and much more right here.


It is very often that obstacles to manifestation come up when you don’t take the time for yourself.

You know this feeling when you are too busy caring about other people but forgetting all about yourself?

Of course, it is nice to care for others and to help them out. But if you do not take care of yourself first, then you won’t last very long.

So, please take the time for yourself and have a little massage, paint your nails, go to the gym or just lie on the couch for an hour.

Be Grateful

Obstacles of manifestation will always come up from time to time. That is normal. What’s important is how we deal with them.

You can use them as opportunities, as a reminder that you can use them to transform your obstacle into something like better self-care or an affirmation.

So you can look at obstacles of manifestation like a blessing in disguise and be grateful that they show up to remind you of something important.

When we allow ourselves to look at obstacles as opportunities we free ourselves from suffering and we get the chance to grow, learn and evolve.


manifestation obstaclesThe best time to manifest your desires is now. We all have obstacles that get in the way of what we want, but it’s how you overcome these blocks that will determine if you’ll be able to create a life filled with happiness and prosperity or one where finding fulfillment feels impossible.

If any of this resonates with you at all, grab the e-book on Manifesting Your Desires for more details on overcoming the top 10 manifestation obstacles so you can start living an awesome life!

Sign up here to get notified when the law of attraction e-book is available (and you will also get a free list of +100 things to be grateful for).

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