The Manifestation Morning Routine to Activate Your Superpower

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Manifestation morning routineReady to manifest your desires? There is a power within you that has been waiting to be unleashed. It’s time to start living your best life and to manifest all that you want.

The manifestation morning routine is perfect for those who are looking to feel more powerful each day and set the tone for what comes next.

Use this powerful law of attraction morning routine to get real momentum for manifestation.

What does manifestation mean?

To manifest is to bring something into reality, to make it happen in the physical plane from your thoughts or beliefs.

In other words, manifestation means creating an effect by focusing on what you want as if it already exists even before you have made any physical manifestation.

Everything that you do, and every action that you take begins with a thought. By thinking about what you want, getting clear about it, and taking action, you can start to manifest anything that you want.

Why you should start a manifestation morning routine right now

The sacred time of the day right in the morning is very powerful when it comes to manifesting your desires. Your subconscious mind is at its peak during this time of day, which will make it much easier for your manifestations.

Manifestations work better when they’re done early in the morning because that’s how positive manifestation works. The manifestation morning routine is a powerful manifestation tool that will help you set the tone for your day and what comes next.

With the following techniques that are described in this post, you can enhance your superpower even further and set up your manifestation morning routine for success.

Do an early morning manifestation

Can you manifest in the morning?

Yes, you can manifest in the morning! With a powerful morning routine for the law of attraction. The manifestation process works better when it’s done early in the morning.

If there are things going on during the day that might put you in a bad mood, you’ll be able to deal with them much better because your manifestation morning routine will have set the tone for how your entire day goes.

By practicing manifestation right in the morning using a powerful law of attraction morning routine you will feel much better and enhance your asking during the sacred morning hours.

What you focus on right after waking up and where your attention goes is key to having a wonderful day and achieving all your desires.

A powerful law of attraction morning routine will help you do just that.

Is it better to manifest in the morning or evening?

You might ask yourself if it is better to do your manifestation in the morning or in the evening.

Well, this depends on your preferences.

Doing a powerful manifestation morning routine enhances your manifestation and helps you to unleash your superpower with the techniques described in this article.

This is because the morning hours are very powerful, your brain is refreshed and everything is quiet. You can concentrate more on yourself and focus on your manifestation.

The most important time to focus on what you want is right in the morning because this sets an intention for how the rest of your day goes and manifests much faster during these sacred hours.

However, manifestation can be done in the evening as well and you might have a preference of doing your manifestation at night.

This is fine too! It all depends on what works for you best.

The most important thing is to do manifestation regularly so that it becomes second nature to you and easier over time.

By creating an effective manifestation morning routine, you will get a lot more out of the manifestation process.

Benefits of having a powerful manifestation morning routine

law of attraction morning routineWhen you have a law of attraction morning routine in place and do it every morning after waking up you make sure, that you do it consistently. You keep making it a priority and make sure to never forget anything.

You will start to get used to it and even get better at it over time. You will notice that your life will change for the better and that you can accomplish more during the day.

A manifestation morning routine can give you a tremendous push for manifestation. It’s an empowering ritual that will get you real momentum and make your manifestations way more powerful.

It is great to start the day by manifesting and being successful in this area of life.

Remember, the law of attraction says: Like attracts like.

So, when you start your day with a powerful manifestation morning routine you have already accomplished something, you feel immediately better, happier and refreshed.

This will set you up for success. A day that starts with an accomplishment, with something that you have done for yourself, with happiness, and gratitude is a good day.

And this will immediately attract even more good energy, and positive vibes into your reality.

So, why wait any longer, and start implementing the following powerful manifestation morning routine.

Use this manifestation morning routine to activate your superpower

A powerful law of attraction morning routine helps you to prepare yourself in the first step for your “asking”. It’s important to lay a good foundation for manifestation.

It gets you in a good mood and helps your subconscious mind to get into manifestation mode:

Drink water and hydrate

The first thing in the morning – before you do anything else – should be to drink water. Drink at least one glass of water.

After the night your body will be dehydrated and will need to get some water. You will feel much more energized and much better after drinking some water.

Water also is a very powerful source of energy and helps with your manifestation. When it flows through your body and refreshes your cells, it creates a sense of vitality and well-being.

Be grateful

Being grateful is the first step to work on your mindset the right way. You should get yourself in a positive mood before you start your manifestation. This way you help yourself align your feelings and higher your vibration.

This means that the manifestation will be much more powerful.

Free List +100 Things to be grateful forDon’t know what to be grateful for?

Check out this free list of +100 Things to be Grateful for.

By being grateful and giving thanks to what you already have, you start your day with a good vibe, positive feelings, and a positive attitude.

Good days start with gratitude! This way you start your day with happiness and joy.

The chance that you will attract even more positive outcomes throughout your day is much higher.


10 Min. Stretching Routine

You are hydrated, you are in a good mood, now let’s start to prep your body for your superpower.

After waking up your muscles are much likely to be a little stiff. So, you need to stretch your body, you can also do a little workout routine every morning.

After that, you will feel much better, and it will also help you to activate your manifestation.

A good time to do a little workout is before breakfast, because if you work out in the morning – even for just ten minutes – you can burn more calories than at any other time of day.

The manifestation morning routine makes sure that not only your mind is ready for your asking, but your body, too – this can also include working out and doing a little exercise.

Your Asking: Meditation and Visualization

Now you are fully prepared, prepped, and ready to start with your asking. This is the part where you start with your manifestation practice, to ask.

You need to be clear about what you want first. You can prep for this the night before, or you can think of something that you want to manifest into your reality.

For starters: make yourself comfortable, take a comfortable position. Relax your mind and try not to think about anything at first for a few minutes.

This helps to clear your mind. Now, keep in mind that it is totally normal for your mind to wander off, and start to think about something, especially when you are stressed out.

When you notice this, just forget the thought, and come back to your meditation.

After a few minutes of meditation, you can start to let some thoughts in. Now, visualize what you want to manifest as if it was already true.

Think and feel as if your goal, your manifestation was real.

Don’t know what to visualize? To prep yourself for the day, you can start to think about what your day should be like.

Visualize yourself to have success, to be joyful, or to achieve something.

This way you set yourself up for a great day.

Need help? Use these powerful morning Affirmations

Now that you are almost done with your manifestation morning routine, it is time for affirmations. Affirmations are a great way to help yourself stay focused on the manifestation and keep up the positive energy throughout the day.

You can do this by staying mindful of what you want all day long – in any given situation- while using these powerful affirmations.

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Start with an affirmation that you want to use and then repeat it like a mantra for the rest of your day as often as possible: “I am in control of my manifestation”, or, “my manifestation becomes stronger every time I say this.”

If your goal is something big, such as paying off all of your debts, you can say something like: “I am grateful to pay off all of my debts.”

Here are some more examples of powerful morning affirmations – feel free to use them as much as you want:

  • I am calm and at peace
  • This day is going to be one of the best days of my life
  • Today I am a leader
  • I am happy and joyful
  • This day is going to be totally successful
  • I love everything that I do
  • Today I will treat myself

Once you have a few affirmations that resonate with your manifestation goal, write them down and keep them somewhere where they will be more visible – on the refrigerator for example.

printable Affirmation CardsAffirmation Cards are very handy for this.

You can grab affordable Printable Affirmation Cards here.

They also contain a template, so that you can print the template out, and make your own affirmation cards.

Also, you could print the Affirmation Cards out on adhesive sticker paper. This way you could decorate your bullet journal, planner, or make a thoughtful gift with it.



Still, have some time? Write down your goals and desires

When you still have some time during your manifestation morning routine, you can grab a coffee, sit down and write into your manifestation journal.

This helps hands down so much with your manifestation.

Writing in your manifestation journal is a powerful manifestation practice. By writing something down, you focus on it and keep your whole attention on your writing.

Focus, and feeling the desire as much as possible is the goal for a successful manifestation morning routine.

You can grab your manifestation journal right here:

369 manifestation journal

You can write down the goals and desires that you have for yourself, as well as what you want to manifest today – it could be anything from money to success or even getting promoted at work.

Or maybe you want to write down what you came up with during your visualization?

Be ready for what comes next

Now that you are done with your manifestation morning routine, you did everything that you could to have a great day.

Remember: Manifestation should be done regularly, it’s something that evolves over time, because your desires and your goals are changing over time, too.

So, manifestation should be exciting and fun. You want to work on yourself and reflect on yourself.

Keep in mind, that the law of attraction always works, and the manifestation always works as well. The only thing that you don’t know is, how your desire manifests and when.

The universe works sometimes in strange ways, maybe something changes and you can’t see it in your reality right away. Sometimes other things happen that are way better for you.

So, manifestation will happen on its own time, just as long as you stick to your manifestation morning routine, and stay positive and happy!


printable manifestation journalIf you want to activate your superpower and manifest the life of your dreams then use this powerful manifestation morning routine.

Prep your body for manifestation success: hydrate and do a stretching routine.

Prep your mind for manifestation success: meditate and do your visualization.

For inspiration through your day: use affirmation cards.

And finally: have some coffee and write down your desires and goals into your manifestation journal!

Hopefully, this has been helpful to you as well as informative!

Now would also be the perfect time to grab the free gratitude list here or check out the manifestation journal (which includes instructions and a basic explanation on how the law of attraction works) here.

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