What Are The 12 Universal Laws? – Explained In Detail And With Examples

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12 universal lawsReady to understand the 12 universal laws and harness the power of the universe?

The better understanding that you have about the 12 universal laws, the more easily you will witness them in operation.

In this article, we will cover what universal laws are, and how they can be used to benefit you.

What are “Universal Laws”?

The Law of Attraction is one of 12 universal laws and it became very popular around the internet since the book “The Secret” by Ronda Byrne, and the book “Ask and it is Given” by Ester Hicks.

What’s very interesting is, that the Understanding of the Law of Attraction and its 12 Universal Laws is not new. The Book “The Secret” -for example – was released in 2006 but the knowledge behind this was referenced from the book “The Science of getting rich” by Wallace Wattle which was released in 1910.

There are also people that claim that there are findings in much older books about the law of attraction such as the bible. For example Matthew 21:22: “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

So you can say that the understanding of the law of attraction and the universal laws, in general, are as old as humankind itself.

What’s manifestation?

The Law of Attraction is the one law of the 12 Laws of the Universe that you want to take a closer look at when it comes to manifestation.

The movement behind manifestation is the understanding that you are a creator and that you can manifest anything that you want into your reality with your own focus and with thoughts.

So controlling your thoughts and influence them in a positive way is the main focus of manifestation and the teachings of many authors about the law of attraction.

This means that you have the power to shape your own ideal reality through manifestation.

The thoughts, decisions, and actions from your past are your reality from today.

There are several very powerful techniques that you can use to manifest all of your desires and achieve your goals using the knowledge about the Law of Attraction.

If you want to know more about manifestation then you can read this article: How to Manifest Anything You Want here.

How do the universal laws work: Understanding the laws of the universe

What are the spiritual universal lawsUnderstanding the laws of the universe will help you to realize that everything in the universe is connected. For example, gravity, which is one of the laws of the universe will keep us from floating into outer space.

Understanding these laws will help you to know how to set up your life so that you can live your dream life with ease.

The Universal Laws are often referred to as the “Laws of Attraction.”  But the Law of Attraction itself is just one piece of the puzzle. There are actually 12 Laws of the Universe and they are all working together.

The understanding of the 12 laws of the universe will help you to better understand how our world actually operates, which in turn will make it much easier for you to manifest your desires.

For every action, there is an opposite reaction or a consequence of some kind.

Where do the universal laws come from?

The understanding of the laws of the universe is not something that you can just discover on your own.

As mentioned before, the universal laws are as old as humankind. It all started with the understanding that everything in the universe is connected, and that there is a power behind this connection.

Over time, pure understanding turned into practical understanding. Human beings started to understand why certain things worked or didn’t work in their lives and attributed it to these powers.

These understandings grew and were passed down from generation to generation.

Today, many of these understandings are still alive and turning into practical understanding in our modern world through the understanding of scientific research which is usually performed by universities or specific institutes that work on scientific understanding for humans.

And because these are all universal laws, they will apply to everything in the universe – including us. These laws don’t have to be studied, they are just there.

The understanding of these laws is just something that we should all know about and understand in order to better navigate our lives.

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What are the 12 spiritual laws of the universe?

So, let’s dive into the 12 laws of the universe, how they are called, and what they mean:

Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness means that we are all one. All humans, nature, and everything is connected in some way.

This also means that we need one another to live a healthy and happy, fulfilled life. And, that everything that you do, think and feel, has an effect of some kind on another being.

So, always be aware and at the same time careful with what you do, or want to manifest.

The Law of Allowing (perpetual motion)

The Law of Allowing means that you should let things take their course, try not to force or push anything. Instead, you simply allow it and allow the universe to do whatever it needs to do.

Trust the universe that everything will work out fine and that everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes you can not see right away that things always happen for a reason of some kind. You maybe think that something bad happened to you, but you actually don’t know for sure. Because there is always a bigger picture.

So, trust the process and never try to push for anything that wouldn’t happen naturally.

Allow the universe, source, god, or whatever you want to call it, to work in your favor, and trust that it has always a plan for you.

Law of Vibration

This law is also sometimes called “the Law of Attraction.” But it shouldn’t be confused with one another.

The law of vibration is the understanding that everything in our world operates and functions through vibrations or frequency.

Everything, including thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, atoms, and molecules – everything has a vibration or frequency.

This also means that you can – by controlling your feelings, and thoughts in a positive way- achieve anything that you want, and live the life that you truly deserve.

Because when you are happy and vibrate with a positive attitude, you are much more likely to attract (law of attraction) even more positivity into your life.

Law of Correspondence

The law of correspondence means that there is always an answer to anything in this universe.

This law will also help you to better understand why your reality is the way that it is. How you act, and what you do is oftentimes repeated behavior.

This repeated behavior is controlled consciously and subconsciously by your feelings and thoughts and acts in patterns. These patterns are passed down by many generations.

They are good and bad. Good because these patterns can serve you in a positive way, for example with positive or successful behavior.

But they can also be destructive, for example, a wife who accepts a cheating husband, or someone who accumulates debt instead of abundance.

The awareness of these patterns helps you to understand them, and also do something about them to break or change them forever.

One good strategy to do so is by using Affirmations: You can grab some printable Affirmation Cards here.

Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect means that everything has a cause and every cause has an effect. Everything that you do, or think affects something else in your reality.

Every action can cause a reaction of some kind.

This understanding will allow you to better understand the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and other people.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction means like attracts like.

By having positive thoughts, feelings, and a positive attitude you attract even more of that into your reality – for example.

It’s the understanding of why you attract what you do and how to change it. Everything in the universe is made up of energy.

With the understanding of how the law of attraction works, and the understanding of the other laws of the universe, comes the ability to attract anything that you want into your reality.

Law of Inspired Action

The law of inspired action will help you to understand why some things are easy for us and others are difficult. It’s the understanding that if we really want something, we should take inspired action – and action that comes from our desire or passion.

This law is tied with the other laws of attraction, and vibration, and comes into play when you want to manifest or achieve any goal.

Taking inspired action is the last important step when it comes to manifesting your desires. Of course, you want to help the universe make your dreams come true.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy (The Law of Change)

The law of change states that everything is constantly changing.

The world is always changing and nothing stays the same forever. This understanding helps you to accept change and embrace the moment more.

Every stage of your life has its advantages and has different opportunities to offer. Accept that nothing stays the same and that this is actually a good thing.

Also, don’t try to force something to stay the same, nor try to reinstate something that is not there anymore. Instead, be grateful for what you had.

Accept that with change comes new life, and new joy for you to experience.

Law of Compensation

This understanding is also known as the “Law of Balance”. This understanding helps you to understand that karma, destiny, and fate are real.

It’s understanding that everything in life has a purpose and things will always balance out – even if it takes time.

This also means that there is actually a source, the universe, or god, who has a plan, and who keeps everything in balance.

The law of compensation is also known as “karma”. Have you ever wondered if something that happened was for a reason?

Sometimes we can’t see it right away, but the law of compensation is the law from the 12 laws of the universe that keeps a balance and makes sure, that everything is going to be all right.

Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity means that there are two sides to everything. To every action there is a reaction, for every up there is a down. It’s the concept of opposites.

The Law of Polarity is also known when it comes to feminine and masculine energies. Everyone has those energies inside of them, no matter which gender they have.

Everyone can have more feminine or more masculine energy. What’s important is to keep them balanced out.

The understanding of polarity helps you to learn about yourself and how certain traits can help or hinder you.

In understanding that it’s all about balance, brings an understanding of the universe, a reality where everything has its opposite, and understanding where we’re all going.

Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity is the understanding of how everything in life has its perspective.

For example – two people can see the same thing, but it means different things to them. It also means that everyone has their own perspective and their own reality.

Your reality is simply your own, now one sees the same as you do, knows the same things that you do, or acknowledges the same things as you do. You are unique.

The law of polarity helps you to understand and respect other people’s opinions and views on what might be happening around you – even if they are different from yours.

It also helps you to question yourself and your own perspective.

What you think is right, might not be seen as right by someone else.

Law of Giving and Receiving

The Law of Giving and Receiving is the understanding that everything needs to be given and received in order for there to be balance.

Not receiving, means not being able to give. This understanding helps you with understanding karma and the law of compensation/balance.

You want everyone around you to succeed in life because when they succeed, you succeed as well.

The law of giving and receiving is also the understanding that there is enough for everyone in this world. There are enough resources for everyone, there is truly no need to be jealous.

The understanding that everything needs to be balanced out, allows understanding of how the world truly works and being able to treat people with respect.


What are the spiritual universal lawsUnderstanding the 12 laws of the universe will not only help you to understand the world around you, but also how to interpret your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

You may be wondering how the 12 laws of the universe can help you manifest your desires. It is actually very simple, and by following these principles, you’ll find yourself feeling more fulfilled than ever before!

Grab your copy of our Law of Attraction E-book to learn all about the 12 universal laws, and manifestation that governs every aspect of our lives – from health, wealth, and success to relationships with others.

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