Top 10 Law of Attraction Mistakes to Avoid for Manifestation

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Law of Attraction MistakesAre you struggling with your manifestation practice?

The Law of Attraction is a powerful manifesting tool that can help us get what we want in life. However, it’s not magic and there are many mistakes that people make when using the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires.

In this post, we’ll discuss 10 common mistakes made by people who use the law of attraction for manifestation and how to avoid them!

What does Manifestation mean and how does it work?

Manifestation is the law of attraction in action. It’s the law of attraction bringing more of what you are thinking about into your life.

The Law of Attraction says like attracts like, and manifestation brings up what you want into your reality.

When you have a clear picture of even just one moment in time playing out exactly as you want, then that is manifestation!

Manifestation can be used for many purposes – to attract money, love, abundance, health, etc. to your physical reality.

You may ask yourself how this works, well, there are many several techniques and rituals that can help you with manifestation.

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Manifestation is a very popular topic right now- so many people are talking about it, and so many people are trying to make it work.

However, just because there’s a lot of information on the internet about manifestation, that doesn’t mean that this is as easy as it sounds.

Because manifestation needs a bit of practice, an understanding of the other universal laws, as well as consistency. It is certainly something that requires you to work and reflect on yourself.

How do you know, if you are manifesting correctly?

You might ask yourself, am I manifesting wrong?  And if you are, how do I fix it?

To be honest. You just have to trust the process.

You need to find your own manifestation practice that works best for you. Everybody has to find that out. There are tons of different ways and rituals that you could use and try out if they fit your intentions.

Some people like to write a manifestation journal and like to manifest by writing everything down. This works very well because this way you can focus much better on what you want to manifest.

You can grab a manifestation journal right here to help you out with that:

369 manifestation journal

Others like to meditate and visualize their desires and imagine as if it was already true.

You can simply try a test and manifest something small, that should happen in the near future. For starters, a parking spot, or maybe a cup of coffee.

This way you can try out what works best for you.

Stick with a manifestation routine that you can keep up with on a regular basis. It shouldn’t be something too complicated.

Can manifestation backfire?


Manifestation and the universe are always on your side and working for you and your needs. You are the creator of your own reality.

When you stick to your manifestation routine, be grateful and live a happy and healthy life, then you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

The one thing that could happen though is that your manifestation is either not coming or not how you expected it to manifest (or wanted it to be). So, that is something that we have to accept.

If your manifestation is not happening, then you should reflect on yourself and ask yourself if you made one of the top 10 common mistakes using the law of attraction.

So let´s dive into the top manifestation mistakes and how to avoid them:

What you should not do during manifestation

There is many common law of attraction mistakes that you can make when manifesting.

These manifesting mistakes can stop the law of attraction from working for you and don’t bring what you want into your life.

Having the wrong expectations

Let’s make one thing clear.

There won’t be a prince with a white horse coming to you and handing everything over that you desire.

You have to put in the work as well, you have to be active and do something to help with the manifestation.

Manifestation is also not something that you can do for a short period of time and have instant results.

You have to be in it for the long run. But there is good news too!

Once you start seeing changes happen in your life, that’s when the law of attraction will become really fun for you because then you can see things playing out exactly as you want them to.

Being impatient

On the other side, it is also very important that you don’t get too impatient because this law of attraction mistake will block even more manifestation energies and show you less, or none what so ever results.

You should actually be thankful for every little change and result in your life, no matter how small it may seem.

Not Trusting the Universe

That’s a big one. A very common mistake that people make when it comes to manifesting is not trusting the universe.

They are trying to manifest something and are worrying too much about how and when it should happen.

You have to know that you send out your desires and the universe will find the best way to manifest them for you.

Also know that you should not waste too much focus and energy on the how. Instead, focus on being happy, open, and ready to receive, as well as taking inspired action.

No Understanding of the universal laws

The Law of Attraction is only one piece of the whole puzzle. It’s one of the 12 Universal Laws. They all work together.

For Manifestation to happen you need other laws to work for you as well, such as the law of vibration, the law of allowance, and so on.

Understanding the universal laws and how they work, will have a great impact on how your manifestation is working out for you.

You can read all you have to know about the 12 Universal Laws here.

What are the spiritual universal laws

Not living in the now, not being happy with your current situation

The goal is to live a happy life, being grateful, and letting life and its energies flow.

That should be your main focus. You should know and fully understand – and there is the next common mistake right there – that your life is wonderful just the way it is.

Most people say, if I can manifest a new car, new home, etc, then I will be so happy.

Don’t be one of that persons. You can be happy right now. You have everything that you need to be happy right now.

There is no time to waste, so focus on being grateful now and focus on living in alignment with the law of allowance.

Not Living in Alignment

Living in Alignment means to be your true and authentic self and live, feel and act like you want, and not how others want you to be.

That sounds good, but it’s really a hard one.

Many people don’t have a connection to their inner self, they do not know how to listen, or they misinterpret their inner feelings.

You can manifest anything you want, but if you are not living in alignment the law of attraction will bring you more of what you don’t want.

Your inner guidance and your feelings are there for you to use as the law of attraction tools, so start listening!

Manifesting the wrong things

So, this one goes to the manifestation techniques.

Keep in mind: when you want to manifest anything, then you have to focus on what you want, and not, on what you don’t want. This is so important. Most people get this totally wrong.

For example let’s say you want to get out of debt, and want the universe to help you with that. A common mistake would be to focus on your debt and trying to manifest to get rid of it and say: I want to get out of debt.

Great, this would be what you will get. You will get even more debt, and more of the “wanting” to get out of debt.

You should neither focus on the payments that you have to make as well. Just do your budget every month and stick to it. Just don’t focus too much on it, nor on your payments at all.

Instead, you should focus on making more, and focus more on spending less. You could manifest to receive an unknown amount of money, or you could focus on the fact that you will spend less on your vacation than expected.

This way you will be much more likely to stay within your budget and be much more likely to achieve your financial goals, meaning paying off all of your debt as fast as possible.

Are you clear about what you want?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself this one question:

What do I want?

It’s a common mistake that people make. They only know what they do not want. But you shouldn’t focus on what you don’t want, you should focus on what you want.

In order for your manifestation to work, and for the law of attraction to properly function, you have to be crystal clear about what you want.

So, take a few minutes each morning, sit down and think about what you do want, what your life should ideally look like, and what you can do (take action) to change it.

Don’t stop, don’t give up

Manifestation is a marathon and not a sprint.

Don’t expect quick results. Don’t stop and certainly don’t give up.

Be patient and don’t stop just because you didn’t manifest your desire within a couple of weeks or months.

The law of attraction is infinitely powerful, but all the other factors have to be in place as well.

This takes a little work, and of course, listening to your inner voice. Sometimes it even takes work to change things up.

Manifestation, the law of attraction, and its practices encourage you to work on yourself, reflect and grow.

Not taking any action

When you know what you want, and when you are clear about it, then the law of attraction will guide your path.

However, if you just sit there and wait for things to happen by themselves then nothing is going to happen. You always have to take action!

Remember: nothing comes to those who wait! Pay attention to your inner voice, and start listening to it now.

Manifestation of desires is a process, it’s a path that will eventually lead you there if you also take action.

The law of attraction will attract you to your opportunities, but you have to take inspired action as well to make your dreams come true.


Manifesting MistakesThe law of attraction is a powerful, spiritual force that can help you manifest your desires. If you’ve been struggling with manifestation and wondering why it seems so difficult to attract the things in life that are good for you or make sense for your future, then this blog post was written just for you!

Listen to your inner voice, live in alignment, be happy, and know what you truly want and expect from your life is important when it comes to manifesting.

So, avoid the common top 10 law of attraction mistakes for manifesting, such as: not living in alignment, not being clear about what you want, being impatient, or not trusting the universe.

And of course, don’t stop, don’t give up, and take inspired action to make your dreams come true.

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