+33 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations – They Really Work

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+33 powerful money making affirmations. Use them to manifest more money into your life. You deserve this!Are you ready to manifest more money with ease? Here are +33 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations that you can use today to manifest money and abundance fast!

The best part is- they are free!

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What is a Money Manifestation Affirmation or a Money Mantra?

A Money Mantra or Money Manifestation Affirmations are positive statements that you can repeat as often as possible to succeed with money. 

This small sentence can help you throughout your day to keep your money manifestation goals in mind. It can keep you from overspending – for example – by repeatedly stating that you are always in control of your money. 

This way you can have a positive money mantra statement or even several to help you work towards your financial goals. 

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Do Affirmations Work For Money? 

Yes. Money Affirmations do work for money.

The law of attraction says like attracts like. If you focus your thoughts in a positive way when it comes to money, you will automatically attract more money into your reality. 

The law of attraction helps with opportunities, chances, and more to make your financial goals come true.   

However, we all tend to have several thoughts about money. Did you notice that some people seem to make money more easily than others? This is because they know in their subconscious minds that money flows easily to them. 

It seems that these people don’t have to try so hard and money just comes to them. 

You can affirm that to yourself with a little bit of work, too.

The Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations that you can find down below are carefully chosen affirmations and mantras that you can use to tackle your limiting beliefs around money.  

They help you to get into the best mindset to make more, earn more and keep more money in your reality. 

Try them out for the next 30 days and see for yourself what happens. 

How to Use Money Manifestation Affirmations

There are 3 things that you should know on how to use these +33 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations: 

1. Do your affirmations in a relaxed state. This way your subconscious mind is the most aware of your new money mantras. The best time for this is right before you go to bed, or just after getting up in the morning. 

2. Repeat your new money manifestation affirmation throughout your day as often as possible. 

3. Be clear about what you want to manifest. Do one money manifestation affirmation at a time. Then slowly move on to the next. 

You could also make some money manifestation wallpapers for your phone, or choose the best money manifestation quotes and write them down in your manifestation journal. 

Just be creative when doing your money manifestation affirmations, and do what works best for you.

How To Write Affirmations to Manifest Money?

If you want to come up with your own unique affirmations then grab yourself this Affirmation Worksheet. This will help you to do just that.

Here are three secrets your need to know about writing your own money-making affirmations:

1. Keep your affirmations simple

Be crystal clear about the one thing that you want to manifest and write it down in one sentence. Be clear and simple about that. Short sentences will be much better reminded by your subconscious mind than long and complicated sentences.

2. Always write your affirmations in a positive way

Affirmations are small positive statements. You don’t want to affirm something negative, nor does your subconscious mind know how to tell what you mean.

For example: Instead of writing: “I don’t want to live paycheck by paycheck anymore.” State something like: “I’m grateful, now that I have enough money throughout the entire month to pay all my bills.”

3. Write your affirmations in a good mood

This is obvious but so important, this has to be mentioned separately.

Always sit down and write your affirmations when you are in a good mood. You want only positive vibes with your affirmations and statements, and no negative feelings around them.

When you are in a good mood your brain will be much more creative to come up with the best affirmations anyways.

What Do You Say When Manifesting Money?

powerful money making affirmations make them your new money mantra and change your mindset around money. These money making affirmations help you manifest more money.When you actively want to attract more money then you should start to watch your thoughts and what you are saying throughout your day, too.

There is a very powerful and very true statement that says:

“Speak your thoughts into reality.”

Stop saying things like: “I can’t afford that.”, “I don’t have enough money.”, “That’s expensive.”

Rich people don’t say such things anyways. And you shouldn’t either.

By saying those sentences you will work against your new money mantras and really delay your own money manifestation, or even worse: attract more lack of money.

Things that you can say about money are: “I have enough money.”, “I can easily afford that.”, “I’m very responsible with money.” and so on.

This might take a little bit of practice, and you will start to notice how often you tend to say negative sentences about money. Just keep reminding yourself of this until it becomes a habit.

How To Make a Money Manifestation Journal?

If you want to make a money manifestation journal then you need to start by picking a nice paper to write on. Then you can make your own money manifestation journal.

Start by picking one that resonates with you. This can be a pretty notebook or even a professional manifestation journal.

Here are some inspirations that you can get on Amazon:

After that, you can start writing down your affirmations and new money mantras, and really start to work on your financial goals as well.

+33 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations

Now, you know everything you need to know about the +33 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations and how to use them – the correct way. 

Chose one affirmation that resonates most with you at a time, and work your way through them. Make these affirmations your money mantras for the next 30 days and see what happens. 

Here are your +33 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations:

1. Money flows easily to me

2. I’m very responsible with money

3. I have enough money

4. I love money and money loves me

5. Money always supports me

6. Money is always overflowing in my reality

7. I’m a money magnet

8. I’m open and ready to receive money

9. New income streams are effortlessly coming up in my reality

10. Money always finds its way to me

11. I am grateful for the money that I have

12. Money is a constant in my life

13. I’m a millionaire

14. I’m rich

15. Money is always abundant in my life

16. I attract money

17. Money is always flowing to me

18. Money is my true wealth

19. I have a millionaire mindset

20. I’m blessed with abundance around me

21. Money is always around me

22. I visualize myself as a wealthy person

23. I’m comfortable with being wealthy

24. I earn enough money to support myself and my family

25. I choose to be rich

26. Money is an energy and always flows to me easily

27. I can easily keep my money and save it

28. I can afford this

29. I’m debt-free

30. I earn enough money to pay all my bills at once and beyond

31. I’m getting better and better at attracting money every day

32. Being wealthy is my birthright and my natural state of being

33. I am worthy to earn even more money because I am


powerful money making affirmations make them your new money mantra and change your mindset around money. These money making affirmations help you manifest more money.Money Manifestation Affirmations help you to get into the right mindset to reach your financial goals with ease.

Make these +33 Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations that you learned today your new money-making mantras.

Click here to download them and use them on any device you want or print them out!

Chose one at a time that resonates most with you. Make it your quote of the day to help you attract more financial freedom. Repeat it as often as possible and help your subconscious mind to get into a powerful money-making mindset!

Try them out for the next 30 days and just see what happens for yourself.

Remember: You attract what you think of, you become what you assume.

Being rich and having an abundant life is your natural state of being. It is your birthright.

You want to live a decent life. Therefore you want a certain amount of money.

You are worthy of being financially free because you are.

Don’t forget to subscribe, and grab your Free Money Manifestation Mantras right here. (No spam, cancel any time)

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